Young Artistes Find a Unique Platform with Hashtag Kalakar

Young Artistes Find a Unique Platform with Hashtag Kalakar

July 20, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Hashtag Kalakar is a unique platform that offers young creative minds a chance to win cash prizes and earn international recognition through its nationwide competition. Young artists, in different age groups present their talent in front of a jury and the public, which then rate their performance and decide winners. The company recently launched this year’s competition in poetry, painting and creative writing for which it has received thousands of entry from enthusiastic school children.

The competition is open in 3 age groups – below 9 years, between 10 to 9 years, and 20 years & above. The winners in each age group would also win amazing prizes worth Rs 1 lakh and Rs 80,000. This Hashtag Kalakar online competition is an amazing way for artists/creators/writers to receive great exposure in the field of entertainment and test their abilities in comparison to other artists/creators/writers.

Hashtag Kalakar is currently a family of more than 30,000+ writers, 15000+ artists, 6000+ singers and 100+ filmmakers. The team behind this unique competition works with the ‘never say never’ attitude and the passion that brings business and art together. Through this contest, the Hashtag Kalakar family of skilled, visionary and creative artists is bringing on a fresh perspective to the world of art. Hashtag Kalakar is an event management start-up, which also publishes Hashtag Kalakar Magazine, in which they feature artists, writers, singers and performers of all kinds, thus providing them a platform to showcase their talent and catch eyeballs. In fact, the work of top 100 artists from the online competition will be published in the start-up magazine.

Each participant in the Hashtag Kalakar competition will receive recognition at the National level and International level along with a participating certificate. After all, talent contests such as these are a unique way to gain exposure and get noticed by experts. Opportunities like these are also a means to enhance one’s skills as a performer and develop a better understanding of art forms.

The company launched in 2021 owns immense experience in providing management for all kinds of events.