Vinay Singh launches his record label Topshot Life officially in India with the song Morni

Vinay Singh launches his record label Topshot Life officially in India with the song Morni

January 11, 2023 0 By India Upturn

US based tycoon Mr Vinay Singh officially launched his record label Topshot Life in India and he chose none other than the evergreen song ‘Morni’ that we have lived all our lives in some way or the other.  Morni features aspiring and sensational model and actor Aditya Bhadoria and the beautiful Gungun Bakshi as lead pair.  The song is sung by singer Hargun Kaur and is composed by Udit Saxena

Talking about his plans and the song, Topshot Life’s founder and owner, Mr Vinay Singh says, “Topshot Life is a record label and we have created 29 music videos as of now. Our aim is to keep creating good music content and associate with good artists. We aim to further dive into web series and eventually into films at a later stage. Morni marks our foot into India for the first time and from hereon we will cater to the Indian market as well. We chose Morni as the launch platform because it is a cult song which revives childhood memories of many generations. It is a song which both the youth and elders will connect to”.

“Morni will always remain special to me for the song that it is. It is a cute, love, peppy song which everyone can relate to. The story is about a guy’s ways and means to connect to his crush and get noticed which is very relatable to small town as well. In this era of social media we have tried to show the cuteness of a guy and a girl and how he tries to woo her heart. We shot this song in Punjab over 2 days and it was a fun experience. I am confident that Morni will connect with the audience well”, says lead actor Aditya Bhadoria.

The leading lady Gungun Bakshi says, “The song will automatically refresh your memory and you will start humming the song once u hear it, Morni captures that well and brings a nostalgia feel to it. When I first heard the song, I gave a go ahead immediately, who would not want to be a part of this. The song has been visualized and executed in the simplest and best possible way. It connects to all age groups and we are early waiting for the response of the song.

“Morni is a beautiful love filled peppy song. It is a song which connects with everyone. We took a long time to compose the music for the song and I am happy with the end results. The lyrics of Morni is penned by Dr AJ Mahin who has done a brilliant job”, says music composer Udit Saxena

Morni is a cute love story of a small town boy and girl. The story takes you through their journey of finding ways and means to know each other. Morni stars Aditya Bhadoria, Gungun Bakshi as lead pair, the song is produced by Mr Vinay Singh under his label Topshot Life. The music is given by Udit Saxena, lyrics by Dr AJ Mahin and the song is sung by Hargun Kaur. The song was released on the 8th of January 2023. 

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