Tradeomatic coupled with ‘Good Samaritian Mission’ & ‘Voice of Stray Animals’ begins initiative for social cause

Tradeomatic coupled with ‘Good Samaritian Mission’ & ‘Voice of Stray Animals’ begins initiative for social cause

September 10, 2022 0 By India Upturn

The fact that the world of business keeps constantly evolving while responding to market trends, implementing new efficiency models, and changing in both form and function is no alien. The global business landscape serves as a kind of venerable laboratory where entrepreneurs can experiment with various business models to fit different industries while others can observe from the sidelines. The many business strategies used by some of the biggest organisations in the world offer insightful information about not just various business philosophies but also the economy and free market system in general. However, among all, social work as the main agenda is the most gratifying one not just in the eyes of the consumers but also the shareholders. Owing to which companies are putting more emphasis on social responsibility, whether they are preserving the environment, or making efforts to eradicate poverty on a local, national, or international scale. One such business which caters to the same intent is Tradeomatic Limited, a company based in Hong Kong, that specialises in offering customers a full range of solutions in the Personal hygiene sector.

Tradeomatic Limited being one of the global B2B suppliers on offers Premium Personal hygiene Products and raw materials for middle-level and high-end business and consumer markets. With the help of its in-house, qualified R&D and marketing teams, it is striving to offer customers the safest, cosiest, and most hygienic goods possible. This business model was created with the intention of truly comprehending OEM and ODM services by providing unique needs and expectations of each of its clients. By working together, Tradeomatic believes it can guarantee the clients the best service possible in the personal hygiene sector, all while enabling exceptional growth and long-term profitability using cutting-edge standards. Recently while observing the variants of concerns that the world is facing, this firm decided to set another milestone by providing aid to two famous NGOs named ”Good Samaritian Mission” and ”Voice of Stray Animals.” This initiative has been put into charge by the founder and Director of the company Mr Sunny Pawar who follows the ideology, “Not everyone can do great things but all of us can do small things to bring great changes”.

Having faith in the thought that NGOs have a significant positive impact on our society by helping the government bring about social and cultural transformation, Tradeomatic is moving forward in this initiative. Since they are the primary forces behind societal advancement, their responsibilities include a variety of environmental, social, advocacy, and human rights activity. On one hand, the ”Good Samaritian Mission” which is located in Vikhroli East of Mumbai, has touched many hearts and healed scars in the last 19 years under the supervision of Brother Peter Paul Raj. Tradeomatic team member, Ms. Veena Shetty along with family and friends felicitated tradeomatic charity event on 9th September, 2022 at ”Good Samaritian Mission” by spending some quality time with old aged people and kids who crave for some human emotions.

Whereas on the other hand ”Voice of stray Animals” Located in Madhya Pradesh India has been working for paralysed dogs under the leadership of Mr. Harinder Singh. As of now, the

facility has tirelessly cared for and managed 60 crippled canines, providing them with the finest care, food, and affection possible.

Both of these organisations are assisting in the change-making process by lifting the oppressive veil of privation from the oppressed and underprivileged. Hence, after knowing about all the constant strivings that these non-governmental organisations are making, Tradeomatic made up its mind to join hands with them and contribute to the eradication of global unrest.

When asked about what led his company to begin this initiative, Founder and Director of  Tradeomatic, Sunny Pawar stated, “ In my opinion, a terrific option for anyone to give back to the society and make a difference is not only by helping man-kind but also extending help towards animals. For which each one of us holds the power to enhance the lives of animals in our daily lives, whether it be through pet adoption, product selection that isn’t tested on animals, eating a humane diet, or community involvement in animal protection concerns. It takes all of our combined efforts to address the numerous prevalent issues that animals face in order to make things better. From forest-dwelling rodents to farm animals, to your pets at home, even our biggest four-legged companions require a little tender loving care again and then. While animals continue to struggle with human-made trash cluttering their natural habitats, shelter pets are yearning for permanent homes. Therefore, Tradeomatic has decided to support and help.”

One other integral aspect that Tradeomatic preaches is despite the need for corporate survival and the all-time high level of consumer suspicion about corporation CR initiatives, such measures are shortsighted. More than ever, companies must accept their social obligations by saying “yes” rather than “no” during recessions. Apart from this, the services provided by the brand are exceptional and according to the needs of the customers, Tradeomatic keeps modifying products. It also vigorously enforces quality control at every step of the supply chain, from raw materials to completed goods. Statistics have shown a burgeoning number of corporate firms have made the commitment in recent years to only do business with suppliers who uphold social and environmental criteria. Tradeomatic being one among them, aims to establish a chain of environmentally friendly behaviours that easily permeates the supply network or supply chain.