Sunbuy Group Expanding footprints through franchisee and dealer network across India

Sunbuy Group Expanding footprints through franchisee and dealer network across India

September 16, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Gujarat based Sunbuy Renewables Pvt Ltd, leading player in Solar energy products and projects, EV charging station and EV infra and manufacturer of Lithium Battery pack is looking to build nationwide franchisee network to develop Solar and EV Eco system with their innovative business models and new age offerings.

Company has announced to make PAN India dealer network before it goes public in 2023 to offer their products and services to masses. Sunbuy Group is pioneer in Lithium Battery and EV Multiband and EV charging station in Gujarat with agreements with global Giants in South Korea and Netherlands for latest technologies and products.

Sunbuy CEO in briefing mentioned that we have kept investment for franchisee as low as 2 Lacs which will yield around 30000-50000 per month for franchisee owner with robust training from Sunbuy Team, Growth Support, only through Franchisee Policy and innovative business models like OPEX Solar and OPEX based EV charging stations, EV Service and Delivery Network where Franchisee will make extra amount just by supporting Company Network.

EV and Solar are industries of the future and is Sunbuy Group as it plants to expand dealership network too where investment is as low as 50000 and will reap 20000-25000 for dealers every month. Company has vertices in Solar, EV, Lithium Battery, EV charging Station and expanding in 3D Printing, SAAS by 2024.

Sunbuy Group aims to build strong network of 500 Franchisee and 1000 Dealers across India who will be trained from scratch to match industry expertise and company plans to do all its future business via franchisee only and no direct selling in market to enable better experience and service for their customer and making ease of doing business for channel partners.

Sunbuy Group also has tie ups with lot of Battery and EV Companies to provide their service network which they will enable through their franchisee and dealership network which will be exclusive for areas and will be given on first come basis.

Sunbuy CEO also emphasized on how important it is to build network force for EV and Solar Business in India as both the industries are growing in multifold every year and will require trained service network and delivery model.

Sunbuy Group is also launching Solar Service delivery model where dealers and associates will be at the forefront of delivering those services via GDM portal and make long term sustainable revenue though it without selling and thing and just providing services in their area.

Sunbuy is also planning to launch AGV Robotic Series of products for domestic and commercial use which will be also sold through newly setup dealer and franchisee network.