SignDesk and Microsoft partner to drive the next phase of document automation, powered by Azure

SignDesk and Microsoft partner to drive the next phase of document automation, powered by Azure

February 4, 2023 0 By India Upturn

Businesses can now implement intelligent document automation on Azure 

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: SignDesk, a global leader in digital documentation & contract lifecycle solutions, announces its partnership with Microsoft & G7 CR Technologies to augment the former’s cloud deployment capabilities further. This partnership will empower organizations to leverage the Microsoft Azure capabilities that are integrated with the SignDesk suite across the solution stack. It will also provide greater flexibility for new & existing clients and enhance the overall user experience by enabling smooth integration across business servers.  

The Microsoft marketplace will, additionally, showcase SignDesk’s document automation suite. This suite includes solutions for digital onboarding, contract lifecycle management, and digital document execution. Azure users will be able to implement document management software with ease in the Microsoft ecosystem.   

SignDesk empowers businesses with solutions to solve large-scale workflow automation challenges & achieve their digital transformation goals. The company offers a roster of smart services to optimize ID verification, document generation, eSignatures, digital stamping, contract management & recurring payments. Now powered by Azure, these services will enable clients to transition away from inefficient process governance practices, streamline internal & client interfacing workflows, and make documentation faster, simpler & more cost-effective.

“Making the transition to digital-first governance was a significant challenge, especially for our large banking clients,” says Krupesh Bhat, Founder, SignDesk.  

“Financial institutions and large banks have relied on legacy technology with complex internal dependencies for onboarding & workflow management, which prolonged integration. This partnership with Microsoft & G7 CR Technologies will make the migration process simple & seamless while also giving clients greater freedom in choosing the right cloud service.”  

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, SignDesk aims to bring world-class digital documentation technology to businesses across the globe. Partnering with Microsoft & G7 CR Technologies will help expand the company’s footprint into newer markets and open up new business avenues in manufacturing, retail, IT & healthcare.

The partnership will also drive ease of adoption for financial institutions by enabling banks, insurers & investment firms to leverage intelligent document automation irrespective of their cloud ecosystem.  

SignDesk, established in 2016, empowers organizations across the globe to automate digital documentation, contract lifecycle management; and solve large-scale compliance & workflow optimization challenges using cutting-edge AI & ML technology.

With over 900 customers spread across industry verticals, SignDesk has digitally transformed multiple organizations through an exclusive end-to-end automated product suite consisting of AI-powered digital onboarding, digital document creation, digital stamping, eSignatures, smart contract lifecycle management, and eNACH-based recurring payments.