Saksham Bharat Campaign launched to empower disabled people

Saksham Bharat Campaign launched to empower disabled people

September 1, 2021 0 By India Upturn

Nilotpal Mrinal’s foundation “Nanhi Goonj” under the mission, Sakhsham Bharat has launched a campaign to empower disabled people in order to make them self-dependent so that they don’t need to rely on anyone for their living. They are the ones who face a lot of difficulties to earn their living, so owning a tricycle for them could bring a big change in their lives. They can sell food items, water, stationery items, or things of daily necessity on it near bus terminals, outside railway stations, schools, colleges, and public places that too without investing single penne on transportation. This tricycle has an inbuilt solar panel, which will help them to get it charged as required. The tricycle will serve as a great medium to earn without investing daily, and become a source for their livelihood.

Mr. Nilotpal who is physically challenged understands what these people have to go through, that’s why he thought to launch such a campaign that would uplift others. This campaign is launched on a war-footing and as a profound mission to empower Divyaang pan India utilizing various government schemes and financial assistance from the bank. This scheme aims to connect two lakhs Divyaang pan India and empower them with self-employment opportunities.

ABOUT NILOTPAL MRINAL: A social activist, politician, director, and founder of NANHI GOONJ VIKAS FOUNDATION based in Santacruz (East) Mumbai. Established in 2014 -2015, Nanhi Goonj is a foundation incepted by Shri Nilotpal Mrinal. This foundation is formed for the unheard little and small voices of underprivileged children/orphans and disabled individuals seeking support. These voices go unheard because of the hectic lifestyle and busy routines we live in. Nanhi Goonj aspires to hear all these voices and be at their rescue.

“DOING GOOD IS GOOD ONLY WHEN YOU DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN”, says NILOTPAL MRINAL. He believes in keeping a low profile without exaggerating about his humane activities, his firm belief is that society doesn’t become modern just by changing its superficial appearance, it should gracefully accept all humans, whether able-bodied or differently-abled.  He is a crusader for freedom of speech and campaigns relentlessly against instances where the voice of the public is stifled. For him Nation comes first – RASHTRA SARVOPARI, his constant approach towards the support for the Indian Army and the welfare of Citizens displays his love and passion towards his country and countrymen.