Rajat Chauhan: A Brand of his own making

Rajat Chauhan: A Brand of his own making

May 4, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Rajat Chauhan, born and brought up in Delhi, is an Engineer by style and an astounding comedian by pride. Rajat Chauhan, a Bollywood bluff, a complete Bollywood gossip, lover of non-fictional realities but above all is the one who possesses a golden heart.

Taking the lead of life as his mentor, Rajat Chauhan, believes that one can be as rich as it is possible to be, but that richness will always be accompanied by some middle class reality. Rajat Chauhan, belonging to a middle class background is known to all. Having such an enthusiastic presence, one might wonder the source from where this man draws his passion and positive complacency.

Rajat Chauhan, who admires the wit of Shah Rukh Khan and appraises the authenticity of Nitin Gupta, is a person who holds such charisma which witnesses the intellect one perceives after.

Connecting the dots to create an astounding piece of work to enthral the audience, Rajat Chauhan believes his observational skill as his strength which goes hand in hand with the communicational skills because what will be the use of any gilded piece if not delivered the way it should be? His experience of stage for the last 8 years have been nothing but fascinating which he wouldn’t give up for anything.

Rajat Chauhan, a self-maker, has delivered the best of the best work, family friendly and clean shows with a strong promise to make it all worth it. His work holds such grace and serenity that it is not possible for any laymen to miss out the dedication he puts in to create his own standing.

Bring in happiness and comfort through the following link: https://youtube.com/channel/UCxMDGaw3tMLHdH-ZUU4173A