One Connected app ignites revolution in professional networking community, increases productivity and opportunities

One Connected app ignites revolution in professional networking community, increases productivity and opportunities

December 1, 2022 0 By India Upturn

One Connected makes business professionals and networking community meet with the new era of opportunities. It moves a step forward in bringing people together. The company, which acts as a business social media platform for professional networking, helps people to discover, connect and engage in professional network communities.

The Indian super app is founded by Manoj Kummari, who is a visionary product developer with deep insights into research and analytics. The Indian Entrepreneur is also a digital creator and is one of those tech nerds who love to keep themselves updated with trending technologies.

Therefore, one shouldn’t be surprised that One Connected came up with a mobile app for both Android and iOS; keeping in check with the current trend.

Offering a fun and easy-to-use mobile experience, the One Connected app will remove networking barriers and is expected to offer hassle-free connection on the go. This is certainly an amazing platform for the current generation as One Connected helps out in keeping them engaged in a healthy environment and creating inter connections with the right people through business social media.

The Indian-originated app has already gained recognition amongst world-class organizations, investor groups, and respected members of major organizations because of its innovative features.

One Connected’s mission revolves around creating a quality and productive Professional Networking Hub which helps people communicate with companies and ultimately provides economic opportunity. The app acts as the perfect platform for the same.

The app’s promising lookout does draw comparisons with community and networking platforms like LinkedIn, but the early reviews turn out to be positive for the One Connected app and is likely to attract even more customers within months.

Some of the features that are likely to take this app to the top are ‘One Bio Link’, and ‘Portfolio’ amongst others.

While connecting with the better professional community, One Connected also helps out in several other ways. Their ‘One Bio Link’ helps us to share our all-in-one bio link to social networks. Another impressive feature is a simple but attractive portfolio, which helps in showcase our skills to the network community.

On LinkedIn, finding out who has viewed our profile has always been difficult. This is one of the several places where One Connected beat LinkedIn. One can see who viewed our profile around the network with ease.

Apart from the “Who Viewed” feature, an impressive “Catalog” feature gives us a brief idea about our contacts and helps in improving the conversion rate. There is also an “Insight” feature available to review our activities. “Lead Capture” is yet another innovative feature that helps us get leads easily from our profile through integrated forms. Another important feature of the app is “Reviews”. This helps us to connect with the right people.

There are also other features like “Email Signature” and “Groups” present in One Connected which add value to its innovation and work well for the new generation, who are looking out for innovative but serious professional networking.

This new-age professional networking app is not only fresh and unique but is also easy to use compared to LinkedIn. One Connected also has extensive features that could beat other networking apps with ease.

Both Android and iOS applications are available on the respective play store and can be downloaded directly through Google. One can also find the links for downloading on the official websites as well.