Nischay Agarwal MD-NSPL: An out-of-the-box humanitarian entrepreneur

Nischay Agarwal MD-NSPL: An out-of-the-box humanitarian entrepreneur

April 29, 2022 0 By India Upturn

​The world is full of choices; however, the world doesn’t have enough men who dare to walk difficult roads for them. ​The story below is of one such person who belongs to a business family and has everything but still took an undiscovered path and created an empire under his vision.

He proved with his actions that where there is a will, there’s a way! Meet Nishchay, presently the MD of Nishchay Steels Private Limited. ​By definition, you can call him a third-generation entrepreneur in his family. The family has achieved positive results in the trading business. His grandfather founded the business in the 1950s. With the inherited knowledge of business mechanics, he took the challenge of moving into the steel structure construction business. It’s been 15 years since he established himself in the new industry. Since then, he has been growing at a substantial rate. That’s what makes him a man of vision. 

While you read more about him, you will understand how consistent he has been in proving to the world his ways of working. Also, the values he possessed as a founder. In every decision and act, you can see his decisions paving the way for NSPL’s success.

​NSPL is an ISO-certified firm, working since 2012 as a complete steel-structure construction solution provider. They are those rare firms that are working with innovative solutions​ in India and have an extensive range of steel solutions. The work they deliver is sustainable. They can restructure buildings. It is feasible to re-create the structure using their construction solutions. 

NSPL is one such leading firm having niche expertise in India as of now while having a manufacturing facility that can produce 10000MT of steel structures per annum. They have the most advanced technology for and supply components such as Roof wall sheeting, Decking Sheets, “Z” and “C” Purlins, Anchors Bolts, Sag roads Seamless leak-proof Down take pipes, Trims, Gutters, Light​ ​Polycarbonate​s, Tubo Ventilators, Lovers, Fasteners. 

​There is no match for the professional work that NSPL is delivering with leading players such as Amazon, and DMart backing them up. They are known in the industry for delivering smoothly in designing superior steel structures, Pre-Engineered Steel Structures (PEBs), Multi-Storied Steel Buildings, Road Over Bridges (ROBs)​ ​, and much more.​ ​

Today NSPL is 15+ years old and still going strong. Nothing comes as a cakewalk for Nishchay, having negligible knowledge of steel construction. Agarwal Business is developing a warehouse for them as part of this gradual shift in business. But in pursuit of the most effective solutions for the steel construction of warehouses, Nishchay himself has to get his hands dirty. This problem statement became the innovative solution statement forming the foundation of NSPL solutions in 2012. 

As the years have passed, there have been several problems that keep Nischay asking about better solutions for the steel construction world. He was affected by the design and planning. Nischay’s solution was much more straightforward but he took the unconventional decision to have a woman head the designing team. In the words of Nischay, “If your design is flawless, consider half of your job is done well.” Indeed, that’s what happens when he trusts a lady to lead and the results are phenomenal. Nischay said you need to trust your team. MRS RAJESHWARI, who has spent 20 years designing steel structures, including warehouses, duly deserves this chair with the kind of global exposure that she possesses. In a world where you hardly see a woman wearing a touch-bearing hat, NSPL has one real-life example.

Nischay is proud to say that a high-quality design is created when you have the right team for designing. As a result, the team strives to keep the scope open to any last-minute changes or probabilities, and this is an invaluable tool for the entire NSPL. And we can satisfy the client without deviating from the expected estimate.

Another major reason why the company is so successful is its approach to labour issues. The company truly believes that workers are the backbone of the company. The company gave 100% salary to all its employees. During the lockdown too! By taking exemplary care of the laborers and their families during the pandemic. NSPL also gave a 50% bonus increase to all employees working for the company’s success. As it believes that no business can flourish unless its employees grow.

Despite being COVID year, the company has grown by 40%. The reason is beautiful, as the entire workforce stayed with the company. In other words, not a single labour has left NSPL in the last 3 years. This in itself speaks volumes about Nischay and the kind of person he is! This experience proves that a company’s biggest asset is its people.

This is enthralling to know that a businessman from a Marwadi family is leading the world with his unconventional approach. Today, we have Nischay, who owns a company where women are respected and celebrated in the construction industry. It is widely believed that women cannot work in construction. It is a man’s club. However, we are witnessing a company where a woman is taking significant decisions. Her work on million-dollar construction projects impacts the global economy. She contributes to the success of the company. This is indeed a unique difference for all the construction companies around the world.

These factors have enabled the company to provide better services and faster production. The most encouraging part is that the MD himself believes in his employees and considers them as a family. During the 8 hours the company is currently working, the workers have handled the material in such a way that production capacity has increased. You can be a humanitarian and an entrepreneur at the same time! With a turnover of about Rs 200 to 250 crore without any major bank financing or loans, the company is leading its way with the financial strength it has. In the current financial year, the company has grown by more than 50%.

Again, a noteworthy pointer here is that the company works on eco-friendly and sustainable construction processes. The company is also focused on developing methods through which customers can receive more than 50% of the value of steel from scrap. In addition, they can provide depreciation value to buildings and make them better. The company is looking forward to launching many CSR activities for its laborers as a future vision for the company.

We can know more about NSPL by going through their website