Meet Entrepreneur Vyshakhi Kashinath – Founder of Multiple Businesses, Humanitarian and a Spokesperson for Women Empowerment!

Meet Entrepreneur Vyshakhi Kashinath – Founder of Multiple Businesses, Humanitarian and a Spokesperson for Women Empowerment!

June 20, 2022 0 By India Upturn

While the world continues to divide individuals into collectives, there exists a rare breed of persevering people who rise above that, to redefine themselves and those around them.

These are the change-makers who are not willing to let others define them, their roles in society and what they can or cannot do. And, this spirit is best defined in the work of strong women, who, despite several obstacles, have redefined and transformed the lives of several other women. In a male-dominated world, being a female entrepreneur is both tough and an incredible life choice. Although it is true that in most developed countries the convergence between male and female workers has become more and more balanced, the inequality gap is still significant and progress is slow.

Today, let us talk about one award-winning women who has set an example of women empowerment through her achievements and contribution towards the society – Vyshakhi Kashinath.

Lawyer by profession, entrepreneur Vyshakhi Kashinath is the founder of the Women and Children Aid Organization (WCAO), a social service which bats for a world where all women, children, and young people can survive and thrive. In addition, she is also the owner of a dine-in restaurant cum meat business in Canada – The Medium Rare Carnivore Club.

Regarding her two establishments, says entrepreneur Vyshakhi, “Women and Children Aid Organization (WCAO) was founded to make sure a world where all women, children and young people can survive and thrive. It brings us immense joy to see the kind of work we are part of and how it positively affects survivors. We have extended our services in the United States, Canada, Australia and recently Singapore. We partner with existing organizations that work closely and deeply in the communities of respective countries and provide them with our expertise and financial support. On the other hand, The Medium Rare Carnivore Club was created out of genuine desire to articulate a unique dry and raw meat vibe, as you have never experienced. Medium Rare offers a sleek and stimulating space for a meat-centric fine dining with a distinct twist. The sophistication in design is matched by an emphasis on sourcing from Canadian producers and cuisine highlighted by seasonal ingredients. By combining true desire with quality and proficiency, Medium Rare guarantees an enticing meat experience.”

It is seen that current women’s economic empowerment interventions are not enough to overcome all obstacles facing female entrepreneurs. According to Vyshakhi Kashinath, female entrepreneurs are often lacking in access to financial and human capital, which impedes business growth; have different mindset constraints, such as risk-aversion; and have not caught up in soft skills, such as leadership. She says, “The success of female entrepreneurs depends on their personal traits and entrepreneurial skills, and how supportive institutions and stakeholders address or work around these major constraints.”

Let us know a bit more about entrepreneur Vyshakhi Kashinath. She moved to the United Kingdom at a very young age for education while continuing to support her family back home. Doing odd jobs while in school paid very little but required a lot of manpower and very less sleep. Since she was a scholarship student she had to juggle school and work and also make sure her grades were up to the mark. She did her graduation specializing in criminology and criminal justice and her post-graduation in international business law and intellectual property. As a student she was involved in many free legal services and indulged in a lot of nonprofit organization cases during which she met a lot of like-minded individuals who all saw how a lot of survivors don’t get to voice and their justice. This was the main thought behind the creation of WCAO -to make sure a world where all women, children and young people can survive and thrive. 

When Vyshakhi Kashinath says that she contributes to the empowerment of women through her work, many men may feel the desire for irony,Yes indeed! Vyshakhi Kashinathis an entrepreneur and one who empowers women through her work. With Indian roots origins and ample years of experience Vyshakhi Kashinath makes sure to adopt causes which serve purposes and lifts the underprivileged within Arab societies.

Due to her activities and achievements, Vyshakhi Kashinath is one of the well-known personalities on social networking sites and pioneering influencers. She has achieved many awards like Emerging Leader Award 2021, Global Entrepreneur Award 2020, Global Leader Award Canada 2020 and many more. She has 299K followers on her Instagram profile whom she considers as a family. And why not, she always addresses her audiences’ grievances by often coming live and talking with them. Vyshakhi Kashinath considers herself as a dreamer who always looks at the positive side and believes that self-reliance and willpower is what enables us to achieve our goals in life.