Meet Abdullah Althaidi – Travelling and photography enthusiast who is now a Wizard Entrepreneur

Meet Abdullah Althaidi – Travelling and photography enthusiast who is now a Wizard Entrepreneur

March 24, 2022 0 By India Upturn

How does it feel like getting paid for a job which is fun? Well, meet Entrepreneur Abdullah Althaidi, a professional hiking traveller. Fond of adventure, he started traveling at a young age and presently he has visited over 60 countries. One amazing fact about Abdullah Althaidi is that he doesn’t just visit the countries but more importantly, he learns the local culture and tries to blend in there as a localite.

Entrepreneur Abdullah Althaidi is also the CEO and Co-founder of One Way which is Kuwait’s Quality-Tourism Company with the Moto ‘Experiences for a Lifetime’. He has guided group trips to over 30 countries since 2015. The quality that this growing and successful entrepreneur Abdullah Althaidi delivers, is due to his positive attitude. He believes a positive attitude creates a perfect balance between your professional and personal life. Abdullah is fond of wandering and loves traveling, he says “I love wandering and traveling, this gives me energy to work efficiently and reason to earn money”. We all have some goals and objectives for which we motivate ourselves. Every entrepreneur is born with different skills and assets. That’s why, there are different people who are experts in different fields and genres.” Taking a pause Rasec adds “Whatever you are pursuing right now in your life, you should be 100% satisfied with your choices because doing things will only mean if you recognize what you love and work hard for them.”

Additionally, Entrepreneur Abdullah Althaidi’s passion for photography with all of its disciplines and skills have turned into a business when he launched his own Kuwait-based photographic studio “” in year 2017. Regarding future plans, he says-  “I can say that being innovative and shaping it properly is an important factor for a good future. This is because even if you have a good idea, to make it successful depends on your worldview and skills. People need to turn the exact information they know into a system. Only then can you make the right choice.” We believe that Entrepreneur Abdullah Althaidi is an inspiration for the young enthusiasts. He not only lives his dream of traveling a number of countries but he was successful in turning his hobby into an amazing source of income.

Abdullah Althaidi has an Instagram account @skrelpy which has over 33k followers. He is quite regular on his Instagram, showing off his lifestyle as a professional photographer and Traveller. His Instagram handle tells a lot about his lifestyle, career, money, fame and everything a person’s wants. Abdullah Althaidi’s dedication plays a vital role everywhere he performs.

Entrepreneur Abdullah Althaid also believes in giving back to society, “We all live and grow in society. Every good step we take for society is an example for others, a symbol of example. Therefore, regardless of what we do, we must become useful to society. The projects I lead have many benefits for the state and country of Kuwait.”