Mechanify- India’s first online to offline tech-based garage solutions platform

Mechanify- India’s first online to offline tech-based garage solutions platform

January 10, 2023 0 By India Upturn

Founded in 2019 by two young entrepreneurs Viren Thakur and Ujjwal Seth, Mechanify is a Gurgaon-based innovative technology solutions platform for the automobile industry. Recognizing the growing need of a country like India where more than 33.3% of Indian households own a two-wheeler vehicle, the maintenance, and upkeep of these vehicles are equally important to increase the shelf life and keep emissions under control. As new channels are being developed for sales by various automobile companies, the aftersales service is yet at a nascent stage with little or no investment in the industry. For most vehicle owners, the aftersales market comprises of dealer workshops and local garages with the latter comprising of almost 80% of the market which is highly unregulated and fragmented creating a major challenge to control the quality of services being provided.

Inspired by the growing digitized population of today, Viren and Ujjwal leveraged the medium of technology to connect and streamline the automobile servicing industry through a common platform that focuses on quality and accountability.

Mechanify envisions to organize this unorganized two-wheeler market by offering a one-stop solution platform at a local cost in just 30 minutes with verified mechanics and proprietary technology. It offers all kinds of two-wheeler services with no service charges such as insurance & insurance claims, tyres, batteries, EV servicing, EV charging and swapping as well as EV spares. Additionally, it also takes care of all the two-wheeler servicing needs such as pick and drop, garage services, swapping stations, spare parts, roadside assistance, and more making automobile servicing easy and hassle-free for customers.

Viren Thakur, founder, and CEO shares, “the objective is to provide quality and transparent services for two-wheeler customers as well as help build a sustainable livelihood for garage mechanics. We provide fleet maintenance as a service for companies with bikes and electric vehicles and help them optimize their unit economics by providing disruptive maintenance costs. We also provide doorstep vehicle service and repair for B2B clients like logistics, delivery companies, corporates, and co-working so that they can focus on work and not stress about maintenance”.

Ujjwal Seth, co-founder, and COO adds, “We are aspiring to open 1000 franchised outlets across India in the next 3 years and working towards it as a team. As of today, we have 18+ garage partners and 1200+ B2B garages onboarded and this is just the beginning of our journey towards being one of India’s largest tech-based automobile solutions providers. We have faced a major setback during the lockdown since we started just a year before the pandemic. However, we are grateful to our network and connections through whom we have been able to raise our first round of funding in September 2021”.

As a company that is growing rapidly today, Mechanify’s success story is a living testament to the passion and commitment of these two entrepreneurs who are working towards bridging the service delivery gap in the automobile sector.

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