Live Life Every Moment in 2022 at Modern Luxury Senior’s Residence

Live Life Every Moment in 2022 at Modern Luxury Senior’s Residence

April 2, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Gurugram, (Haryana) [India]: It has become evident with time Senior Citizens face loneliness, insecurity, mobility and health issues arising out of ageing. Families were forced to tackle these by themselves. There were no viable options and the choices for Senior’s residence were limited. The ones available were homes with small dimly lit rooms, untrained staff, and limited medical support.

Today the landscape has changed. Much like the way luxury apartments have emerged for the young and healthy, senior luxury independent or assisted living residences on a rental basis have also emerged.

In these luxurious independent and assisted living homes for Seniors, the morning starts with a smile and ends with a feeling of having really lived the day. The best luxury retirement home in NCR is Aurum Senior and Assisted Living at South City 2, Gurgaon, a recently opened independent luxury residence for Seniors.

Aurum offers an innovative concept of care and is thoughtfully planned with every old age-friendly facility and service you can think of. Here, the golden age goes beyond just a state of existence, to become an experience.

Many seniors are living alone. Perhaps their children are posted in other cities in India or even abroad. Or perhaps, life has been cruel and they have lost their spouse. Loneliness and security is a challenge. Community living promises a new lease on life and happiness. Aurum’s “never-a-dull-moment daily schedule” encourages senior’s to explore for themselves, set new challenges and live life again.

Elders face challenges. A fall at night, a break-in, or a trusted domestic staff suddenly gets evil intentions. Sudden medical attention or the medical service provider fails to come. One may become helpless and a stressful situation is created. Daily needs shopping, housekeeping issues, cooking meals -one grows dependent with no 100% service guarantees. A senior residence like Aurum can become a solution.

Seniors progressively need daily personal assistance for medicine management, and day to day living support due to medical conditions like Dementia, Parkinsons, Post-Surgical Care or simply old age. Aurum is a modern-day old age residence, a senior and assisted living facility, equipped with care and personalized attention services for variable time durations. All on rentals with no major investments. The in-house Seenager’s Club consists of an Activity Room, Club Room, Gymnasium, Physiotherapy Room, and a Salon. This encourages resident interaction and community living.

Conceptualised, planned, and built, by a family of committed U.S. trained doctors; Aurum is managed by a professional team experienced in healthcare and hospitality. This is the modern luxury old age home of India near you within Gurgaon city and in proximity to Delhi, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

Dr Sameer Gupta, a US trained interventional cardiologist is the Managing director of Aurum. “During my work in the US, I had the opportunity to visit one such facility to see a patient. What I saw totally amazed me – the residents were happy, busy, and living life to the fullest. After I saw my patient, he told me “Doc, can we make it quick; I have to go to my “Book club.”

This incident stayed with him, and on returning to India, he discussed it with Dr Umesh Gupta, a senior cardiologist and Chairman of Aurum Senior and Assisted Living and decided to bring the concept to India.

 Dr Sonia Lal Gupta, a US trained Neurologist and Stroke Specialist are the joint MD of Aurum. “Dementia and other Neurological issues like Parkinson’s are very difficult to manage at home. Caring for your family members at home is a full-time job”.

The team under the guidance of Dr Sonia works in making personalized holistic plans for the residents for improving their quality of life, especially Residents with dementia.

Aurum is a dwelling place with options such as Studio Apartments and Suites All apartments have kitchenettes, private balconies, antiskid flooring and emergency call buttons.

So, what’s next? It’s worth giving Aurum Senior and Assisted Living, Gurugram ( 21706) a lookup and even experiencing them on a Trial Stay.