JL Kapoor Memorial Trust Pledges to Continue Its Covid Relief Work in DDA Transit Camp, Anand Parbat, Delhi

JL Kapoor Memorial Trust Pledges to Continue Its Covid Relief Work in DDA Transit Camp, Anand Parbat, Delhi

June 28, 2021 0 By India Upturn

New Delhi, 28th June, 2021: JL Kapoor Memorial Trust today announced that it will continue its covid relief work while the country is gradually reopening. The trust started its covid relief initiative to extend support to the underprivileged and underserved section of society across different locations in the country during the first wave of Coronavirus.

Later, acting on a letter received from the DDA authority, Transit Camp, Anand Parbat, New Delhi, the trust started work to support 23500 residents in the transit camp. These residents are primarily the handicraft workers from the Kathputli Colony. The ongoing pandemic has led to the majority of them being unemployed with no income for their sustenance.

With the gradual unlocking in Delhi, economic activities ought to start. However, the income generation activity for these residents still seems to be a distant dream. The residents of the camp are helpless and support must be extended to them till the time they are back to their feet. Since the start, the trust has benefited over 8000 beneficiaries in the camp and pledges to continue supporting them under the direction of the DDA camp authority.

The covid relief initiative by the trust focuses on providing COVID Pandemic Relief Material that includes masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, pulse oximeter, infrared thermometer, etc. to the residents of the camp.

During its endeavor towards helping the society, JL Kapoor Memorial Trust distributed 2200+ Seva Kits (Dry Ration Kits ) helping over 8800+ beneficiaries across Delhi, Maharashtra & Haryana. The trust also came forward to assist our front liners i.e. Police Personals by distributing Masks & Sanitizers across Delhi & Haryana.

Talking about the initiative, Mr. Amit Kapoor, trustee of JL Kapoor Memorial Trust said, “The fight against corona is still not over. We all need to stand tall and united. It is our responsibility as the residents of society to support others in need to the extent possible. JL Kapoor Memorial Trust pledges to continue its work to the best of its capacity and ensure the residents of the camp are supported during the ongoing pandemic time. We are also preparing our team to scale up the work in case we are hit by the third wave of COVID-19”