India’s Fastest Growing Youth-Run Digital Platform for Business News ‘Stock Market Newz’ has rebranded itself as ‘The Business Crunch’

India’s Fastest Growing Youth-Run Digital Platform for Business News ‘Stock Market Newz’ has rebranded itself as ‘The Business Crunch’

July 26, 2022 0 By India Upturn

All set to take a leap forward, India’s leading digital platform for business news – ‘Stock MarketNewz’ (SMN) – has rebranded itself as ‘The Business Crunch’ in an all-new avatar to grab the growing and untapped potential for a reliable platform to get prompt business updates.

From the Founder’s desk                                                

Tushar Shah, founder of ‘The Business Crunch’, says – “We are pleased to announce that we have renamed Stock Market Newz to ‘The Business Crunch’ with a vision to reach out to a wider audience across the country and help millions of people with prompt and accurate updates on the business world along with the right investment advice on Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Mutual Funds, NFTs, Metaverse and more.”

The Business Crunch

The Business Crunch’ is a social media platform providing hourly stock market updates and vital business-related information and trending ideas. It further aims to keep its viewers informed about the emerging concepts in business and technology and the current trends in the business world.

The need for keeping oneself updated with the day-to-day happenings in the business world cannot be overstated especially when people in today’s time and age prefer electronic media over the traditional print media. The Business Crunch may be that one-stop-destination that caters to the requirements of the modern day masses and provides ready snippets on the happenings in the society.

The success of The Business Crunch can be attributed to its relentless efforts to provide useful content to its viewers, which has catapulted it to the heights of more than two lakh followers and millions of reach without any advertising and marketing.

The Founder

‘The Business Crunch’, as is now called, is the brainchild of Tushar Shah, a 21-year-old entrepreneur and finance buff from Muzaffarpur, Bihar;who very early-on in his career envisioned creating a digital platform for providing facts-rich and knowledge-enhancing content pertaining to stock market and business to help investors and stock market enthusiasts make better investment decisions.

With a whopping 142 million new investors dabbling their feet in the stock market during the pandemic-stricken financial year of 2020-21, Tushar believed that there was a pressing need for a platform for retail investors where they could get prompt updates on stock market and other relevant happenings around the business world. With this vision in mind, he along with his best-friend, decided to tap the uncapitalized potential and opened an Instagram page by the name ‘Stock Market Newz’, for breathing air into his ideas and vision. Due to personal reasons, his friend had to quit in between; however, that certainly did not dent Tushar’s spirit and enthusiasm towards what he’d set out for, and with his sheer determination and grit, he has managed to achieve a feat that many could only aspire for. From a viewer base of zero, Tushar took his platform to an exponential boom and he now proudly boasts of more than 2 lakh followers on his Instagram page without spending single penny on marketing or promotion. In his efforts, Tushar has always tried to bring creativity into his initiative by spicing up the manner of presenting mundane factual information by means of “edutainment” which involves delivering content through infographics, memes, reels among others.

In his endeavour to align the brand name with his business vision, and also to reach out to a larger viewer base, Tushar and his team operating from Kolkata has rebranded their platform from ‘Stock Market Newz’ to ‘The Business Crunch’.

Vision of ‘The Business Crunch’

Like it or not, everything that’s happening nowadays is in some way connected to business. ‘The Business Crunch’ aims to make people understand the implications that business, economics, and finance have on our world and day-to-day lives. Providing updates with fairness, accuracy and objectivity are ‘The business crunch’ virtues on which they thrives on

The Business Crunch plays the function of a catalyst in keeping the public up to date with the world of business and commerce. In today’s era it is imperative for an individual to keep themselves sound with the newest happenings in the globe of finance in order to take optimum investment decisions and seize the available opportunities. With the perpetuity and growth of social media in our lives, with an average Indian Youth spending some 2.4 odd hours on any random site, there is immense potential for garnering an audience. Understanding the need to tap the potential of social media platforms in disseminating information, The Business Crunch has taken a leap ahead in making the news not just exciting but interesting for the masses, so as to provide an entertaining-learning experience. By utilising it’s viewership base, The Business Crunch wishes to foray into new ventures such as Metaverse, etc and expand its digital presence.

News never take time off and by Following ‘The Business Crunch’ on Instagram & other digital space take a crunch in prompt broadcast of the business world and be engaged with current events 24/7.