IITian-turned-Entrepreneur Omkar Khalipe predicts Blockchain Market Analysis is here to stay

IITian-turned-Entrepreneur Omkar Khalipe predicts Blockchain Market Analysis is here to stay

December 15, 2022 0 By India Upturn

One of the most exciting business available to the mankind today is Blockchain. If you want to build a career in this field, start learning blockchain development today. This is because according to a survey, about 80% of the top 100 global companies are already using it and by 2026, the whole blockchain market is expected to touch the coveted milestone of $40 trillion. However, dealing in blockchain isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. This is where innovative minds and path-breaking companies come in handy.

At Tactiics Innovations, we believe that Blockchain and Data Analytics are two fields that have the combined power of changing this world, yet again. Compounding is the key, but how fast can you compound changes the whole equation of your investment goals. For the past 3 years, we are actively working on the algorithm and Blockchain network but more than that our company has successfully back-tested the market segments for the past 15 years. Through back-testing, we analyze the stocks and indices, on the basis of different parameters and during different time frames. We will soon be launching a back-testing for 30 years too. However, our current beta phase of testing is also highlighted by the fact that Tactiics Innovation plans to launch its operations in India as well as the UK by early 2023.

The man behind this revolutionary venture is Omkar Khalipe, a renowned entrepreneur, an exemplary IITian, and a man with a dream, i.e., to ensure that the Blockchain-powered Analytics method changes the fact of Data Analysis forever. Speaking about this change, Omkar says, “AI-powered Stock Market is long gone. Blockchain-powered Analytics is here to disrupt the market. And though the game is still about compounding, what now matters is who can do it faster.”

Companies are deciding their investment goals based on blockchain analysis, so startups like Tactiics Innovations could well be placed at the center of this change. However, their strength comes from the fact that they can differentiate between the emotional part of trading and the fundamentals-based trading, where practical worth is of much more importance than the emotional attachment.

Omkar decided to take a deeper dive into this field when he found out about the limitations of AI-powered analysis. It lacked fundamental analysis and had a lower accuracy, which a genuine trader could provide the clients. At the same time, he also identified the fact that the Millennials are much more savvy about their investments like mutual funds and stocks, etc. They prioritize their hard-earned money yielding them profits. However, they don’t have time to go for a detailed research into various stocks and mutual funds available in the market.

Enter Team Tactiics Innovations, which has envisioned a wonderful, personalized and efficient way to invest for individuals.

According to Omkar, “It’s impossible for a single high ended computer to analyse market real time and find the best strategy, and the best solution is to use block chain network for all the computation and analysis. The block chain has proven to give quite good results on 5 minutes, 15 minutes chart and has

An impressive performance on 1 minute chart, where other software give a lot of false positives, blockchain has been able to clear lot noises and get better accuracy.”

Having started working at the age of 16, Omkar has come a long way in managing his personal finances as well as teaching other to manage their money well through Tactiics Innovation.

Credibility matters the most in the world of stock market and what could have better credibility than a machine! Founder-Managing Direcor Omkar Khalipe has invested years of experience of working with Blockchain to launch Tactiics Innovations Private Limited (IN) and Tactiics Innovations Limited (UK), both first-of-their-kind companies that are set to break the barrier in front of Blockchain-powered analysis of the market.

Tactiics is currently in talks with some of the biggest Blockchain companies for possible tie-ups and efficient partnerships so that with Blockchain, they can solve one of the world’s most crucial problems.