How History Was Created In The Javelin Finals Of Tokyo Olympics 2020

How History Was Created In The Javelin Finals Of Tokyo Olympics 2020

September 23, 2021 0 By India Upturn

History was created in the Javelin finals of Tokyo Olympics 2020 when India’s Neeraj Chopra won India’s first-ever athletic gold medal in his very first Olympics. Unlike most other athletes, Chopra’s introduction to javelin was entirely accidental. As a child suffering from obesity, he was taken to the gym by his father, where he was introduced to the game by former Javelin thrower Choudhary who recognized his talent and became his coach.

After undergoing elbow surgery in 2019 on the second day of the Tokyo Olympics qualifying games, his hope was rekindled after the Olympics were postponed due to COVID19. But it is due to the efforts of the Indian Athletes Federation and the Orissa state Government. They arranged a training camp at Kalinga Stadium that Chopra could get the training that he needed.

But even this win cannot foreshadow India’s situation. With billions, we only have ten medals, 8 of which were won before 1980. In recent years, the Indian government has been encouraging the participation of people in sports and Chopra’s brilliant win has added much-needed fuel to the fire.

Adding to this, Movieking Company is making an inspirational film based on Chopra’s life experience and incredible spirit. Movieking Company will use crowdfunding for this film for those who wish to invest in their love of movies and support the sports industry. After the massive success of Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ not only in Indian but in worldwide box offices, it can be said that Chopra’s growth story will surely make another leap.

So keeping up with the trends, it can be said that the Indian film industry will indeed be one of the most significant investments and leading trends in the future.