Hazhar Saleh: The Ace Entrepreneur and Singer from California who can sing in 6 languages

Hazhar Saleh: The Ace Entrepreneur and Singer from California who can sing in 6 languages

April 29, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Almost each and everyone of us today, would be pursuing something or the other with their heart, mind and soul. While chasing our ever wanted goals at least once in a while we reflect on the possibilities of “what could have been” if we had chosen our dreams over the traditional choices that we all chose. Entrepreneur Hazhar Saleh was also one such person and what made him an icon was the choice that he took. He chased his dream right away and presently Hazhar Saleh is a multilingual singer. Singing in a whooping 6 languages i.e. Farsi, Kurdish, Turkish, English, Hindi, and even Arabic. He is also a member of a famous Persian Music band called “Black Cats” in the capacity of a singer and music composer.

Based in California, USA, Hazhar Saleh believes that it is the inner calling that matters the most and brings sound sleep at nights, it is important to not only to understand your calling, but also take definite actions regarding the same.

With no support in the music industry whatsoever, it was the release of his groundbreaking album Hasti Namoyi in 2012, that brought this Kurdish artist Hazhar Saleh, burst onto the charts of the international music scene with a sensationally versatile sound of his own unique design.

Entrepreneur Hazhar Saleh knew exactly what he wanted and turned his skills into a successful business. He believes a true entrepreneur can build millions by using his assets. No matter how small and giant those assets are. Like every successful entrepreneur he has also suffered some setbacks and when situations forced him to give up, he chose to hold on to his dreams.

Fun fact about Hazhar Saleh is that away from the mainstream perception of singers and Rockstars, he himself is a very disciplined man of character. He is a man who has seen hurdles. He knows about the struggles people face because of their unsuccessful lives. Entrepreneur Hazhar Saleh revealed in his recent interview that he never believed in luck and destiny. Instead of believing such things he is more fond of working hard for things. According to him, being born with a silver spoon and doing good in life is not a big thing. But being born in rags and taking it to riches is a big thing.

After achieving his dream life Hazhar Saleh focuses on his consistency and his true music skills. He conveys “Consistency is the key, never lose it. Everyone has different assets and blessed with different skills your work is to find those skills and assets and shift yourself from rags to riches.” You can follow him on Instagram @hazhar.official where he constantly posts videos about his new songs and also shares snippets from his personal as well as private life.