Greenfuel Electronics has launched the first-ever compact, lightweight and easy-to-use Tyre Inflator & Puncture Repair Kit

Greenfuel Electronics has launched the first-ever compact, lightweight and easy-to-use Tyre Inflator & Puncture Repair Kit

March 29, 2023 0 By India Upturn

In our fast-moving lives, we require quick solutions, especially if a lady driver, two-wheeler rider or any car owner’s tyre gets punctured in the middle of the night too; need not worry anymore as GFE’s Puncture Repair Kit not only inflates your tyre but also will repair it with its sealant.

Keeping on top of product testing and quality assurance they have an in-house research and development department which drives their slogan “Innovation to Automation” while presenting highly durable, affordable and easy-of-use premium car accessories.

The company has been profitable since its inception for over the last 17 years clocking 300 CR of revenues across three verticals i.e. CNG, Lithium-ion batteries and newly developed Greenfuel electronics. The beauty of all three divisions are they are recognised by major automobile brands in the country and all their products are endorsed by them as their OEM partners.

They are the only company to manufacture wholly-owned tech to create Make In India car vacuum cleaner. Innovating it to a scale that it is also available with an inbuilt tyre inflator. Other useful products which may enhance your vehicles are 3-in-one charging cables, shark fin antennas, 90 and 1000 PSI Pressure washers with Car Air purifiers and Ionizers (and Many More).

“We are thrilled to introduce our latest line of car accessories, powered by our in-house cutting-edge electronics technology. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these innovative products that not only enhance the driving experience but also offer a sustainable solution for powering vehicles. We believe that these accessories will set a new standard in the automotive industry and we are excited to see the positive impact they will have on our customers. We at Greenfuel are focused on providing single-stop clean mobility solutions to all customers through our various offerings in alternate fuels (CNG/LNG/Hydrogen), lithium batteries and electronic accessories, and are very excited to be a part of their journey.” Says Akshay Kashyap, Managing Director, Greenfuel Energy Solution.

“We recently developed Lane Changing Assist System for commercial vehicles and buses. We are also working on the CVSS system (commercial vehicles Security Alarm system) fitted with Vibration sensors and proximity sensors. With vehicle sales topping 4.5 million in 2022, India became the world’s third-largest automotive market, beating Japan; We are going to give the best quality products with the latest features to our after-market network as well. Our Electronics Division has grown 100% year on year from the last 2 years.” Said Mr Pavan Puri, President of Greenfuel Electronics.

He also included “We are also working on integrating our infotainment system to the vehicle’s CAN systems to display important information on the infotainment screen”.

If you are looking for a premium high-quality accessories upgrade in your vehicle with complete satisfaction of tested quality products then Greenfuel Electronics is the name.