gintaa aims to be a market leader in the e commerce sector with a robust buy sell exchange policy

gintaa aims to be a market leader in the e commerce sector with a robust buy sell exchange policy

August 1, 2022 0 By India Upturn, the latest e-commerce platform comes with the mantra ‘BUY SELL EXCHANGE”. The company aims to be a market leader in the e-commerce sector with a robust policy. The gintaa app is easily available on IOS, Android (Google play store) and can be downloaded for instant use.

Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd funded gintaa– an e-commerce platform has come up with unique feature on its platform. gintaa Exchange, available at,  is slated to be a game changer and aims to revive the traditional and ancient system where people can exchange products with products. If the user is running short on money or having overflowing inventory with similar goods, gintaa Exchange offers the luxury to barter what one needs without draining the pockets! The company was launched at Bengaluru in October 2021.

According to industry data the number of internet users in India is more than 650 million and more than 90 per cent Indian consumers with an internet access, engage in some or the other online activity while shopping in-store, which includes exploring products online, comparing prices, reading reviews, comparing similar products, posting reviews post purchase and so on.  Gintaa wants to provide its users the benefit of cash generated from re-selling used or idle stuff. The used-goods industry generally consists of electronics, clothing, footwear and accessories, furniture, appliances and home furnishings, entertainment, recreation and cultural products, antiques and collectables; and others. gintaa aims to be a market leader in this category in the coming years not only in India but is targeting over 35 countries across continents in the next few years in an ambitious plan of expansion, through a cautious and steady start. is positioned as a platform that promotes buying and selling of new products and exchange of idle products enabling consumers to partake in barter transactions. have identified that a circular economy promoting new as well as reused products can be truly implemented if consumers traded their products through barter. Their platform is a closed system, where customers can earn virtual coins by listing, buying or selling their products, thus ensuring an efficient circular economy of reuse.

Laxman Jaiswal, CMD of Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd spoke about another unique feature, gintaa Coin, which is a reusable digital currency that users can earn in their gintaa Wallet while using the gintaa app or the platform. Convenient, they are easy to earn and redeem easing Fund transfer between two bartering parties. If users have enough gintaa coins accumulated in their wallets, they can complete a barter transaction by using gintaa coins only. Users can transfer gintaa coins to other gintaa users’ wallets only when they are bartering.

Soham Jaiswal, CEO, gintaa added, “Globally, the barter economy is on the rise and there is no slowdown in sight, Our website offers the luxury to not only barter what one needs without draining the pockets but also is the best vehicle for buying and selling new products, gintaa is the latest virtual off the shelf or a virtual OTC which is quick, easy to access and use and 100% secured platform.”