Frontline Schools Unleash 25 Aspiring Record-Breakers on Quest for Individual World Records

Frontline Schools Unleash 25 Aspiring Record-Breakers on Quest for Individual World Records

July 11, 2023 0 By India Upturn

Frontline Schools in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, are renowned for academic excellence and holistic development. They will host the “Frontline World Records Festival 2023” from July 20 to July 30, in which 25 individual record aspirants will showcase their talents and aiming for Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records. As a part of this event, all individual record aspirants had the privilege of meeting and receiving blessings from His Excellency the Governor of Jharkhand, C.P.Radhakrishnan, he conveyed his wishes and expressed his support for the aspirations and encouraged them to pursue their goals with dedication.

Yaswanth.V.H, Grade-IX, is taking a challenge of creating the largest Bottle Caps Mosaic, with his keen eye for artistry and a collection of countless bottle caps, he aims to craft a mosaic for 37.5 Square meters.

Rohesh Jovi, Grade-VIII, is setting his sights for largest Paper Cups Mosaic, armed with a plethora of paper cups, he plans to utilize his artistic prowess to create an exceptional mosaic for 36 Square meters.

Dhanyaasri.A.K, Grade-X, is ready to embark a challenge of creating the largest Ice-Sticks Mosaic, with her passion for art and a multitude of ice-sticks at her disposal, she will meticulously assemble a mosaic for 20 Square Meters.

Nathish Prabhu.R, Grade-IV, is determined to set create a mosaic with kirigami models for 20 Square meters, his expertise in this art form will be showcased in his mosaic.

Narun Prakash.R, Grade-IV, aims to create the largest Origami Mosaic for 24 Square meters, his love for origami and his dexterity with paper folding will be on full display.

Frontline Schools Unleash 25 Aspiring Record-Breakers on Quest for Individual World Records.

Happy Moments of Frontliners with Governor of Jharkhand

Sarvesh.S, Grade-VIII, is ready to showcase his creativity and environmental consciousness by creating the Largest Seed Balls Mosaic for 36 Square meters. His artistic endeavor will not only capture attention but also inspire others to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Tharsika.K.S, Grade-X, is taking on the challenge of creating the longest Charcoal Drawing, with a steady hand and unwavering focus, she will embark on a remarkable feat of creativity.

Manasa Nagha Sri.K.S, Grade-IX, aims to create the largest National Flag made with Origami Hearts, Combining her love for origami and patriotism, to form a national flag for 30.375 Square meters.

Harishni.S, Grade-VI, is on a mission to make the largest Origami Fishes Mosaic for 20 Square meters, with nimble fingers and a passion for origami, she will artfully fold numerous pieces of paper to create a mosaic.

Nithish.A, Grade-X, is aiming to set the largest Plastic Balls Mosaic, armed with an abundance of plastic balls, he will meticulously arrange them to create an awe-inspiring mosaic for 81 Square meters.

Sivasalapathi Abinav.K, Grade-IV, is determined to make the largest National Flag Made with Paper Cups, the attempt combines his artistic talent with a commitment to patriotism.

Mukuntharam.B.M, Grade-V, will showcase his expertise with a skilled hand and a passion for origami in making the largest Origami Boats Mosaic for 45 Square meters.

Advaiith.A.P, Grade I, is on a mission to solve maximum picture puzzles in 30 minutes, he possesses impressive puzzle-solving skills and a keen eye for detail.

Vidurvaibhav.A, Grade-VII, is embarking on a remarkable challenge for attempting Longest Cooking Marathon, with a passion for culinary arts and a flair for experimentation, he will showcase his cooking skills as he prepares an array of dishes.

Samuthra Nithi.A, Grade-III, is attempting to determine as man yogasanas in 10 Minutes. Her dedication to yoga and her ability to perform various asanas with precision will be on full display.

Rishika Bhadani, Grade-XII, is setting the bar high with her challenge to achieve the longest lecture marathon, her passion for knowledge and public speaking will be put to the test as she delivers the lecture.

Siddharth.S.D, Grade VI, is aiming to achieve the longest Book Review Marathon, with a deep love for literature, he will embark on a journey to review a vast number of books.

Chiroshri Nandhan.S.V, Grade-II, will attempt to make Most Dot-to-Dot Drawings in 2 Hours, with her artistic talent she will connect the dots to reveal as many as intricate drawings.

Hemaakshaya.P, Grade-VII, will showcase her origami skills by attempting to make as many origami models in 2 hours, with precision and creativity.

Abdul Afaan.A, UKG, swiftly identifies and names digital animal images within 3 minutes, showcasing his enthusiasm and familiarity with the animal kingdom.

Aashvi.V, UKG, swiftly recognizes and names various digital fruit and vegetable images, demonstrating her extensive knowledge.

Navinesh.M.K, LKG, will quickly identify and name multiple transport modes displayed on flashcards in 3 minutes, fuelled by his curiosity and observational skills.

Magil Mithran.S.S, Grade-II, will demonstrate as many yogasanas in 10 minutes on an inverted vessel, this determined young yogi’s astounding display promises to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

Samyuktha Shri.S, Grade-VI, is poised to achieve maximum number of yogasanas on a nail bed in 10 minutes. Brace yourselves for a mesmerizing showcase of resilience and skill as this young prodigy pushes the boundaries of possibility.

Prakkalyaah G.K, Grade-I, is set to attempt the world record for recalling maximum sight words in 3 minutes. This young genius’s remarkable memory and intellectual ability promise an extraordinary achievement.