For the post Covid, our intention is to reinforce the promotion of our speedometers and latest products via on-line platform

For the post Covid, our intention is to reinforce the promotion of our speedometers and latest products via on-line platform

December 7, 2021 0 By India Upturn

ACEWELL INTERNATIONAL CO LTD specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Speedometers for Electric 2-wheeler and 3 wheeler, motorcycle and ATV in Taiwan since 2005. Apart from this, ACEWELL also designs and manufactures speed sensors, temperature sensors, fuel senders and related accessories for motorcycles/ATV.ACEWELL currently exports to the European, Asian and American market. The products have IP67 waterproof design and 100% waterproof test during mass production. The products have passed CE and E-Mark certifications. Further, ACEWELL also provides OEM/ODM services with UART, CANBUS, and MODBUS communication protocols or traditional analog signals. Here is expert views from the company on their future plans:

  • Give us a brief history of Acewell?

Acewell was founded in 2005 and at the very beginning we mainly focus on the speedometer production for ATV/Motorcycle for inland and overseas requirement. With the escalating requirement of e-vehicle, e-bike and e-scooter, we employ the existing tooling/molding to manufacture the speedometer for e-vehicle with our own electrical, mechanical and firmware design. Till 2021, we still launch new products Negative LCD Speedometer and heated grips to respond to the market trend.

  • What specialized products does Acewelloffer?

Speedometers for ATV/ motorcycle, e-vehicle, e-bike, e-scooter.

Speed sensors, temperature sensors, fuel sensors and related accessories for motorcycles/ATV.

Heated grips for ATV/Motorcycle/PWC/Snowmobile.

  • It is interesting you call your products as computers and not Speedometers, please explain?

We call our products as computers since “A computer contains more than a meter. Acewell is a reliable manufacturer in Taiwan. Our core competitiveness is mechanical and electronic integration.”

  • What are the key big trends you forsee for your sector over the next 5 years?

We have the faith that the demands of e-vehicles will be booming greatly still and our originality of electronic & mechanic design will be elevate us into another level with customers.

  • Why is India a lucrative market for Acewell?

As the requirement of e-vehicle in India is increasing and as known the population of vehicle users in India is among the greatest around the world.  Thus, there is still full of potentiality in India market for Acewell to explore and stick to.

  • Which are the sectors in India that you see potential demand for your offering?

I think the manufacturers of e-scooter, e-motor, farming equipment, or shuttles.

  • How does Acewellstand out against the local manufacturers, in India?

I think the originality of design and quality would help Acewell stand out against the local manufacturers and that’s why we enable to earn great reputation in European countries, US, Japan and Australia.

  • How many countries outside Taiwan have you created your presence?

11 countries.

  • What was the strategic focus to partner with TPC?

Our focus with TPC is to connect with top electric and fuel powered 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler spare parts importers, the top electric and fuel powered 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler manufacturers and also serve as an OE partner for top 2 wheeler manufacturers in India

  • Do you have any presence in India? What are the business plans in India for the next 5 years?

No, we do not have any presence in India.  For the current phase, we directly receive the inquiries from Indian manufacturers to express their willingness for cooperation and request for quotation. Before Covi-19 burst-out, we have ever been to India for face to face gathering hold by TAITRA INDIA, but the outcome was not that considerable at all.  So we are still trying other ways to appeal more customers in India for collaboration.

  • How do you plan to expand your business in India?

Our initial intention is to reach to the manufacturers regarding e-vehicles directly for project cooperation and the second is for aftermarket.

  • What are the key challenges you face in the Indian market?

The quotation to the India market can be the main concern to carry on the project discussion. Second, as the struggling situation of Covi-19 in India greatly rages in India, we are unable to comprehensively acquire the full picture of the industry in India face to face.

  • Post Covid how has the sector fared and what are your key strategic plans?

For the post Covid, our intention is to reinforce the promotion of our speedometers and latest products via on-line platform.