Five passionate people of India and their magnificent success stories

Five passionate people of India and their magnificent success stories

July 7, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Five passionate people of India and their magnificent success stories feature

  • Abhishek Bordia
  • Sudipta Mishra
  • Janvi Rochlani
  • Motilal Panda
  • Mayaa SH


Abhishek Bordia is a Chartered accountant and works as a practice leader of Ahmedabad city for Internal Audit & Risk Advisory Services (IARAS) at RSM, the 6th largest consulting firm in the Globe. 

He possesses over 10 years of experience (6.5 Years of Professional and 3.5 Years – Practical Training) in the field of Internal Audit & Risk Advisory Services. Abhishek Bordia has worked with more than 50 groups and traveled across 6 countries including the majority states of India. He has been involved in providing services for Internal Audits reviews, Enterprises Risk Management, Business process re-engineering, Process Reviews, IFC reviews, SOX testing, SOPs, Fraud Investigations, Management and Financial Audit, Operational Reviews, Management Dashboards, and Special Reviews.

Bordia has worked in various sectors like Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Consumer products and Confectionary, Automotive, and Auto Ancillary, Automobile, Telecom, Media, Gaming, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Not for Profit Organization, and Insurance sector.

He has collaborated with I-HUB Gujarat – A startup and Venture capital management group of the Government of Gujarat to provide an ecosystem for start-ups.

He has also collaborated with Chairperson of Hridhya se hospital group shri Surendraji Chhajed and has started a national cause to provide free health treatment for cancer, heart disease, knee replacement, and all women care along with efforts to provide jobs to all. Planned to connect 1 million families as the first milestone.

Abhishek Bordia shares a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, Machine Learning, Metaverse, Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has been taking sessions on these subjects frequently. He is bringing his own book on “Metaverse” and “Blockchain technology”.

Abhishek has been profound towards writing since childhood. He writes in all genres and has participated as co-authors for more than 25 books with multiple publication houses like Namya foundation, Beermati Publication, Sarvad Publication, Wordsmith Publishers, Creativity United, RK publication, Khwaab publication, Bibliophilic Hub, Golden Leaf Publication, Dreamers Shelf, etc.

He is currently associated with the following ventures and Start-ups:

  1. Building Youth Building Nation – Health care support to everyone across the nation. Bring happiness to the lives of all and work towards creating a prosperous nation.
  2. Writing jewels – Writing jewels is a writing publication house. It works for supporting writers and compilers to live their dream and bring their books to the floor. We enjoy helping the writing community to flourish. We thrive to make it a nationwide notion.
  3. Envison: Legit technologies – An umbrella of all the IT Disruptions and Innovations which will help creating applications on more than 6 platforms like a flutter, blockchain, Java, etc. It will also work for gaming apps.
  4. Finanvo – It is the Single Source of verified corporate information of more than 2.4 million Companies, 3.3 million Directors, 9.5 million GSTIN Entities, and 7.5 million MSME records, through a comprehensive platform.
  5. Data Nest – We are building a web3 data marketplace where-in users can buy and sell data across the globe. Collating all the open data of the universe on a single platform to find the interconnected patterns of the data and using the same for solving problems and educating people. It’s like Amazon or Flipkart of Data.
  6. NJ wealth – Advisory on Mutual fund, Equity and ETF, Insurance, PMS, Bonds and FD, Asset Management, NPS, Loan Against MF, NBFC, Offshore Investment Services
  7. Blockchain and Metaverse advisory – Advisory on Initial Exchange offers Defi mining and foreign investments for more than 20 platforms across the globe.
  8. Music band – Collaboration with Singers, DJs, and music lovers from various locations to create wholistic platform for every artist.
  9. Salvo – Medical equipment manufacturing and support to healthcare.
  10. Cerbotech: Beyond the Brain – Targeting students aged between 6 to 18 years for Cognitive Assessment and Training with BCI Tech-based Cognitive Skill, Enhancement Program.
  11. Delbird – It is Ahmedabad’s exciting destination for the “Last Mile Logistic & Warehouse” service provider. It enables quick, trusted, and efficient delivery that is going to reach every corner of the targeted geography.
  12. Unschool Academy – Unschool is a melting pot of counter solutions to all the problems that exist in the education system.
  13. Bibliophilic Hub – It is a writing publication start-up based in Berhampur town in Odisha state. Believes in writing on varied topics and genres, customer satisfaction and punctuality. They have completed 3 books within 4 months.


Sudipta Mishra is a multi-faceted artist and dancer who has excelled in the various fields of art and culture. At a young age, She has already weaved more than 100 books as a co-author.

She has been ceaselessly musing on different social platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz, Momespresso, The Pink Comrade, Story Scraper, etc.

The prestigious Notion Press has so far published three books to her credit. Her book, The Essence of Life, is credited with Amazon’s best seller recently. Her book, The Songs of My Heart, so well crafted, is all set to scale newer heights and pinnacle of glory in the days to come.

Sudipta Mishra has garnered numerous accolades from various international organizations for her outstanding contribution to the literary world. A strong female voice against gender discrimination, global warming and domestic violence against women, pandemics and the ongoing war in the global scenario, she has penned countless articles in the newspapers of Bihar and Odisha.

Her poetic excellence has been duly lauded globally and she is conferred with Honorary Doctorate by the International Academy of Culture, A Word With Renaissance, Motivational Stripes and International Human Organisation.

As an author and a poet, Sudipta Mishra has reached the acme of success and zenith of glory receiving recognitions like the International Besties Award by Bhabya International Foundation and the Best Author of 2021 by the Indian Golden Award Organisation.

Recently, she was bestowed with the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Smruti Award for her notable contribution to the literature from the cultural department of the Seychelles Government.

She is working as an administrator in numerous International groups like GENESIS WORLD WRITERS COMMUNITY (GWW), International Academy of Culture, CHAUCER’S SQUARE, Dream of Equality Bangladesh, SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION- ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟୋଦୟ  ଭାଷା ସାହିତ୍ୟ ପ୍ରତିଷ୍ଠାନ, GLOBAL POETRY FORUM and so on.

She is also working as chief editor of an international Magazine of Genesis World Writers Community.

She has been bestowed with the coveted Women’s Leadership Award of India by organizations like  Nirgia and Glantor recently.

Dr. Sudipta Mishra is an accomplished source of inspiration for the young generation of India. Her free verse in romantic and melancholic poems is appreciated around the world.

Presently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in English at CVU in the Kingdom of Tonga.


Janvi Rochlani is an emerging young author from Surendranagar, Gujarat. She is currently pursuing MBA in Surendranagar.

Janvi Rochlani is the writer and author of the book Jyoti ek maa which she has dedicated to her mom.

Rochlani credits her family for all the success she has achieved. “Due to the support of family and especially my brother and maasi, I have become a great writer,” she says.

She also likes painting and her dream is to become a famous writer in the near future. She has also been co-author in many books. Her hobbies are writing, reading, dancing, painting etc. She not only wants to make her parents proud, but also the whole Surendranagar city proud.


Motilal Panda is from rural Odisha, in fact a village where there is no good communication or electricity. His writing journey started at a pretty young age.

India is the hub of innovation. Only, our stories aren’t consumed as voraciously as are our Bollywood gossip columns. Today we share the story of a rising literary star from Odisha. A man who is so passionate about writing that he can go to any extent for that.

Motilal is very curious and hardworking who had to forget taking opportunities as they arrived. He remembers his experience when he used to fight for his talents. The sole aim was to show people that he is something.

Panda continued to work hard and studied well. After his first job he realised that he had left himself behind. That marked the turning point in his life. He searched for himself through writing. He considers writing as his passion. Being a deep observer, Motilal Panda can make a story of each person and place he met on his way.

He believes life is short and he wants to leave behind a legal way of who he is or was. He will never judge his writing and never compare himself with anybody. His funda is simple, “write, observe, rewrite, recreate and don’t forget to be optimistic about life”.


Mayaa SH is the co-author of her first book The Unspoken Bond  along with fifty great writers. She is driven by passion to write and compose. She has love for grammar and mental health awareness and always tries to look for ways to merge the two. She is an avid enthusiast for the three C’s: Character, Charisma and Chivalry.

Be it, writing; debating or counselling; she makes sure to dedicate time to every such field wherein the reach is extensive and dedicated towards people in order to make her dreams reach countless souls. A national debater she has specifically taken a research in her Master’s at refuting that there is nothing that defines Women cannot break glass ceiling in private organisations. She is also aligned to Everything Matters and Walking Beside You under Transfomind Foundation – a group to provide a safe and friendly place and aimed not only at giving support but also clarity. Besides this she helps navigate many, especially women and many iindividuals process their journey via talk to help resolve emotional and mental stress for individuals with any concerns in life and preventing suicide in the country. She has also worked to provide respite to any woman in distress via tying up with the local NGO’s like Hope For The Hopeless Trust etc for help and providing immediate rescue to girls or women. She has also been aligned to Louis Memorial Trust, Hyderabad, Maan Samman Anna Seva Hyderabad as a supporter of contributing back to the society.

She has been aligned with many publication houses like Khwaab Publication , DJ Publication, True Dreamster, BlueBird Publication, Namya Foundation, Sapphire Publication, Unvoiced Heart Publication, Pixie and Pixel InkQuills, Notion Press, Gyaneshwari, Roohse Publication, Golden Leaf Publication, RK Foundation, KA Podacst Heaven etc. to name a few and has co-authored around 30 anthologies. Besides, she has been a part of many poetry competitions at National Level organised by Knight Writers,  Kaviyon Ki Adhyatama Publication, Namaya Foundation etc. and bagged a National level Second for her poem Candle In The Wind organised by Team Youth in 2021. She has also being aligned to literary organisations like HummingUp etc. and bagged a National Level First on Creativity on Paper. She has also featured in Pune Pulse for her article “Sometimes the Good in us as souls on Earth”. Mayaa also writes at the World Writers Club, Writers, Hindi Status Group, YourQuote and has extended her philosophy at a channel called “Vitamin -Motivation Bytes” visionated by her to bring like minded individuals from the spheres of Fitness, Writing, Philanthrophy, Spirituality Inspire and Motivate at one common platform. She is one of the first active members to get aligned to publication house by name of “Writing Jewels” for supporting writers, compilers and publishers in getting writers for their anthologies and books built to help writing community to flourish and is a part of “Constellation(Writers)” for project for anthologies.

She is also aligned to contributions to Lekhakmandali-The Writing Community and their blogging website. Mayaa has also participated in the 21 days Writeathon Writing Challenge in March 2022 and was awarded with the limited edition trophy of tributary The 21st Century Emily Dickinson Award. She has pledged to protect and promote the rights of all women under Pledge for Women’s Rights at National Commission Of Women, India under 25 years of Women Empowerment and pledged for Human Rights under National Human Rights Commission, India. Mayaa carries several Certificates of Participation under Ministry of Tourism for National War Memorial Quiz 2022, Human Rights Quiz in March 2022 with 21,329 participants mounted by the Media and Communication Wing of the NHRC, India, Jago Grahak Jago on Quiz on Consumer Participation by Department of Consumer Affairs, International Women’s Day Quiz under Ministry of Women and Child Development, Certificate Of Excellence under Ministry of Home Affairs for Padma Awards Quiz 2022. She also holds to her accolade “Master The Intuition” certification and reads Master Numbers in Numerology in free time.

Mayaa SH is also aligned and is a member at the national level to a unique social organisation at a Stree Shakti level (name of the organisation not to be disclosed for privacy) dedicated to India’s resurgence and global peace, promoting the ideals of upholding the Indian culture. She has endeavoured to dedicate her life to collaborate on a Project related to Building Youth Building Nation and Ayushman Bharat to start a national cause to provide free health treatment for cancer, heart disease, knee replacement, and all women care along with efforts to provide jobs to all and a plan to connect 1 million families as first milestone. She has also rendered her expertise in helping many to gain confidence in English Speaking under PSEC -Professional Speaking English Club under Uttkrist and directed many talented souls towards ability to intonate their thoughts well via Confidence Building In Spoken English via counselling at a personal level.

She is a voracious reader and is an animal lover and is currently a part of Multilingual Book G2 along with 438 participants and Cascade of Reverie set for a world record. Other than writing, she loves sketching, which actually introduced her to convert her ideas into writing poems. She also likes to listen to acoustic and blues music and love to introduce people to make their dreams come true by adopting any one hobby that altruistically ascends them to the highest form of self actualisation, Being an absolute homebody at heart, yet extroverted, she often fantasies herself as a TEDx Speaker inspiring millions of women all across the globe to live their dreams..

One her most powerful Writing is dedicated to “महिलाएं ही समाज की असली शिल्पकार” under the anthology named “Be A Role Model” compiled by one of her friend. The anthology speaks about Women have long been blessed with perseverance, strength and lasting power by nature. The progression and the backbone of the society lies in the Empowerment of Women in all walks of life. Freedom fighters, doctors, teachers and have also contributed to the society in a big way in the field of Lawyers, Engineers and all spheres of life etc.

Mayaa SH motto in Life is: “Combat Fear and Keep It Simple.”

We wish each of the five passionate talents the best in all their future endeavours and look forward to more masterpieces from them in the future.