Father of Modern Martial Arts Dr. Jasbir Singh becomes the face of martial arts

Father of Modern Martial Arts Dr. Jasbir Singh becomes the face of martial arts

October 22, 2020 0 By India Upturn

I want to open martial arts institutions in all corners of the globe as I want each child to be self-dependent – Grandmaster Dr. Jasbir Singh. 

Kapurthala, Punjab [India] : We all know that martial arts refers to the art of war and that it is a 15th century European word referring to a fighting technique, which till date is known as European martial arts. One who practices martial arts is known as a martial artist. Just to put away a misconception at this time, the martial art which goes by the  ‘kungfu’ being practiced in China is actually the creation of the great Indian ‘Bodhidharman’. Bodhidharman (520-526 bc) was not only thorough with martial arts but he had also mastered the skills of Ayurveda (ancient Indian medicine), hypnotism and also managed to control the five elements/forces of nature (earth, sky, air, water, and fire). He always used his knowledge to contribute to the welfare and progress of people. To carry on the legacy of this very Bodhidharman, a man with full of talent Indian grandmaster ‘Jasbir Singh’ was born. Today Dr.Jasbir Singh does not required an introduction. The world today regards him as the face of martial arts. So let us know a little bit more about martial Arts through questions, answered by Dr. Jasbir Singh. 

Q.1. Sir what is your full name and where you born? And where do you live presently?

My full name is grandmaster Pro. Dr.Jasbir Singh. I was born in the historic village of Kapurthala in Punjab. Currently I reside in California as an American citizen. 

Q.2. Why did you choose martial arts as your career?

I had never thought about choosing martial arts as a career. However, martial arts has become an integral part of my life now. Today I can say martial arts is a unique art through which you can live your life and it presents me with a wonderful opportunity to keep people safe and I am committed to martial arts as accessible to everyone. 

Q.3. When did you gain interest in martial arts?

I used to watch bruce lee movies in my childhood, hence my attraction towards his movies became my life. 

Q.4. What is the big difference between Taekwondo and martial arts?

Taekwondo is a type of sport martial arts which originate in Korea but it can also be known as ancient martial arts. Now a days taekwondo is an Olympic sport in which I’m certified from the taekwondo headquarters in Kukkiwon, Korea. 

Q.5.How difficult was your journey from white belt to the black belt? During this time did you ever suffer any serious injury? 

In those days a career in martial arts was not preferred in India and no one in my family wanted me to pursue martial arts. They thought if I learnt martial arts I would end up becoming a goon, but my mother understood me and supported me throughout my journey. I won 5 martial arts world championships which include

  • 1) world martial art and kickboxing championship 10-12 November 2000. Victory at 5th place in Italy.
  • 2) World taekwondo Deamodue championship 18th-19th November. Bronze medal in Paris.
  • 3) 12th International Muaythai championship 20-22nd February 2001. Silver medal in Thailand.
  • 4) 8th International karate and kickboxing championship 23rd -25th may. Bronze medal in Nepal.
  • 5) Associazione centri sportive International championship 15th may 2005. 1st gold medal in Italy.

Hence, I started living by the motto of practice, determination and patience in my life. As they say ‘No pain No gain’ I have been injured many times but I keep playing on not to win but to learn. To be very honest I lost my first state match and probably that is why I’m a successful player and a winner today.  

Q.6.If you get an opportunity to improve martial arts or do something new with it what would you do?

There are many different types of martial arts. Today the rules and laws of martial arts are also different. I would want martial arts to be connected with academic learning so that people can achieve anything from graduation to a doctorate in this field so that the education committee gives it a grant on the global level. This will help in the globalisation of martial arts. 

Q.7.How will you introduce yourself in one line?

The one who keeps ‘Be humble’ as his life’s motto and lives his or her life learning and helping others is another Jasbir Singh. 

Q.8.Nowadays schools and social institutions are giving importance to the matter of self-defence but it is yet not considered as a subject and it also does not have the same amount of respect in the Olympic Games. What will you like to say about this?

It is a very serious problem. All types of martial arts cannot be learnt through one academic programme as there are different types of martial arts in different countries and there are still many forms of martial arts that we don’t know about. However today Judo, Taekwondo and Shotokan karate are Olympic sports and many academic institutions are giving importance to martial arts as a form of physical education. I wish that martial arts grows morw in the coming days. 

Q.9. What message would you like to give the youngsters who are looking forward to a career in martial arts? 

Martial arts is a penance, it is an art of living. You need to live it to learn it. Then one day you will shield yourself within it. To the youngsters I would like to say there is no short cut to learning martial arts. it is just like they say ‘quote in hindi’’ which means if you are determined and always keep going then one day success will take place in your feet. 

Q.10. Apart from achieved such great respect in martial arts, what else are you doing for the development of the world?

I’m an official member of the president Trump’s advisory board and I am also a member of the award office through which I can help talented people who are giving their best in a particular field to gain popularity at a global level. Along with this I’m the president of many international universities. Besides this I hold very responsible designations in many international NGO’s, International militaries, police and peace police. And

Presently Defense Minister of North and South American Union (NASAU). I believe that whatever we can contribute in the progress of the world, we should contribute honestly and happily. 

Q.11.Can you please tell us more about peace police.

Peace police is the police which works in peace and does humanitarian things. For example if any family loses their son or daughter while he or she was part of any defensive force, they are faceing a lots of problems. During this tough time we pledge to help them with the government formalities and various other things. 

Q.12. To whom will you like to dedicate your success?

As the said, ‘every successful man there is a woman behind it.’ and for me that woman is none other than my mother. 

Q13. How hard did you work to attain such a position in this sector?

If you like any particular thing, no matter how much hard work you have to put in, you will do it with happiness and self-satisfaction. Then again, what is a life without difficulties? It is all these little things which make us a successful person on the path of life. There are many ways in which you can live your life and I like my way best. 

Q.14.You are in America since long. Don’t you miss India?

Of course I miss India. My roots are in India and I shall never forget this. Indian blood flows through my veins. 

Q.15. What do you think for the youth in the world?

I want to open martial arts institutions in every corner of the globe as I want all children to be self-disciplined, safe and self-dependent.

Journalist – Akanksha Saxena