Dubai is all set to turn acidic this December with “Acid Bomb-The Music” by Javed Shafi

Dubai is all set to turn acidic this December with “Acid Bomb-The Music” by Javed Shafi

September 10, 2022 0 By India Upturn

“Acid Bomb-The Music” is the biggest event of the year in Dubai. In collaboration with SS Entertainment and renowned artists from Australia. Yes, you have heard it right the Australian DJs will be performing in UAE, mixing original Music with versions of contemporary, R&B, house, dance and soul songs. Celebrities and ex-pats will gather to witness this historical event worldwide.

ACID BOMB has conceptualized Music with soulful and heart-tugging performance. The show is not just about Music and lyrics but more than that. It’s about experiencing live Music from violin and drums. The dance moves, the feet-thumping, and the different sounds of Music engaging for the audience. The Acid Bomb will balance the visual and rhythmic touch of Music, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the first of its kind in the city.

This is not it. “Acid Bomb” includes heading-turning performances by two fantastic artists from Australia:-One of the famous DJ & R&B specialists, Brooke B. Brooke, has played at the most renowned R&B venues across Melbourne and Victoria, including Crown, Light at Crown, Bond Black Rabbit, and many other well-renowned venues and events.

The well-known Matt Ryder “String Vibes”. The Matt Ryder “String Vibes” brings a fresh and exciting vibe to the Dance Music scene with a unique mix of the best and the latest in commercial Music and electric violin for an electrifying experience. DJ. Matt is determined to bring a new world to dance Music.

Dubai is all set to turn acidic this December with “Acid Bomb-The Music” by Javed Shafi

Premier Production proudly presents “ACID BOMB – The Music” this December. With the experience of more than 15 years and a background in organizing successful musical events.

Premier Production is ready to set the stage on fire with “Acid Bomb” In collaboration with “SS Entertainment “, an Australian organization specializing in delivering unique and exciting music experiences to Australian and International audiences. Primarily focused on Dance music SS Entertainment is primed to bring the best in exclusive entertainment opportunities across House and RnB to Australian and International Audiences.

Javed Shafi said that “Acid Bomb” is not just a product; musical audiences will love and crave more once experienced.

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