Curatal ushers in curated talent – An idea whose time is now!

Curatal ushers in curated talent – An idea whose time is now!

November 29, 2022 0 By India Upturn

If the quality of talent is one of the most crucial areas in the digital era impacting the strategic growth of the organization, Curatal is here to rewrite the existing practices and take a giant leap into the future in talent management. 

Curatal ushers in the concept of curated talent. This means that the industry’s HR managers save substantial amounts of time, money, and energy in various activities that involve search, evaluation, and nurturing talent. 

Earlier this year, Curatal changed its identity from First IPO, an established leading player in interview process outsourcing, with the distinction of conducting over 1 million interviews for 200+ clients with over 4,500 technical experts. 

Curatal has enlarged its vision to provide talent management solutions, leveraging its pioneering advantage in curated talent. These include SEA (an acronym that stands for Search, Engage and Acquire) talent audit, talent pipe, and virtual campus. 

To lend impetus to Curatal’s initiatives, Pruthvi Nanjappa has joined as its Co-Founder and Chief Executive. Says Manjunath R, Co-Founder, Curatal, “Pruthvi joining us is definitely a milestone moment for us. His 25 years of experience with several reputed MNCs and an entrepreneurial mindset will give us the edge.” 

Pruthvi’s switch from the other side of the table is just what the doctor ordered. A strong client-focused mindset apart, Curatal will leverage its robust AIML technology platform, to provide tailor-made solutions. Pruthvi struck a positive note by saying, “We resonate well with the changing needs of the HR fraternity, which is open to proactive and progressive partnerships. Curatal’s talent management solutions, which leverage our curated talent advantage, are indeed poised to be a strategic game changer.” 

With an interesting tagline of “Heads You Win”, Curatal has begun well, by winning a good head for the organization, to take forward the concept of curated talent – whose time is now.

Curatal is a talent management company that provides support to organizations and individuals alike by enabling curated talent through an innovative platform. Curatal’s talent management solutions include SEA (Search, Engage and Acquire), Talent Audit, Talent Pipe and Virtual Campus for corporates, and Job Mate for individual candidates.

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