Cryptobiz Exchange Launches Lucrative Staking Platform for Passive Crypto Investors

Cryptobiz Exchange Launches Lucrative Staking Platform for Passive Crypto Investors

July 19, 2021 0 By India Upturn

Cryptobiz Exchange is a state-of-the-art trading platform for novice and ace traders alike. It’s seamless interface and perturbed sale/purchase as well as trading module of cryptocurrencies is all the more reason to choose it as the solution of your trading needs. With the launch of the Advanced Exchange, CryptoBiz makes its entry to the big leagues where the bigger players of the Indian cryptocurrency trading industry dominate the markets. However, CryptoBiz has an impressive portfolio of products and along with the basic buy/sell, Bulk Trading modules, CryptoBiz Exchange has launched an exciting platform for people to earn passively, without worrying about how volatile the market gets – CryptoBiz Staking.

CryptoBiz Staking is yet another product from the CryptoBiz Team. With volatility in the market, ‘staking’ provides a relatively safer model for retail and bulk investors alike. CryptoBiz Staking is a medium where the users or investors can earn passively by investing or ‘staking’ a certain amount of money. Staking is a short-term activity where the duration lasts between One Week to a maximum of Four Weeks. CryptoBiz Exchange follows a versatile method where an in-house team of expert traders use their vast network and channels to trade in different markets to churn out a profit that ensures a sizable return on the investors’ staking amount.

Cryptobiz has established a perturbing business model to breach the Indian premium market. The platform is curated to encourage an increasing number of people to begin investing in cryptocurrencies and become a part of the world of virtual assets. CryptoBiz is here to intervene and build a fair market in this unjust higher premium pricing. With the focus being on a secure platform and convenient user experience, the firm pledges to serve its customers with the most reliable proactive experience the market has seen.

CryptoBiz Exchange has opened up registrations for its all-new Advanced Exchange with de-fi features. With iOS and Android applications expected to launch in the coming weeks, this proudly made-in-India and made-for-India platform is set to change the wave across the market.