Author Harshvardhan Rao Launches The Girl in the House, a hair-raising psychological thriller

Author Harshvardhan Rao Launches The Girl in the House, a hair-raising psychological thriller

June 17, 2023 0 By India Upturn

Author Harshvardhan Rao has recently launched his new book named as “The Girl in the House”. The Girl in the House is a hair-raising psychological thriller that will take you deep into the world of parapsychology, occult practices, and spirits. The author is a fiction writer known for his captivating storytelling and richly imaginative worlds. 

The author shares “My love for literature was nurtured by my voracious reading habits and an imagination that transported me to distant realms. My passion for writing took hold during my early 30s when I began crafting his own short stories.”

Author’s new book talks about Parapsychology which explores the study of psychic phenomena and the human mind’s potential to perceive or interact with the supernatural. Occult practices involve the exploration of hidden knowledge and esoteric traditions beyond the realm of conventional understanding. Spirits, often associated with the spiritual realm, are believed to be non-physical entities that can communicate with the living or affect the material world. The Girl in the House brings all three dimensions together.

The Girl in the House is a book that takes you on a journey of parapsychology, split personality, friendship, care, love, and madness of occult practices. The book was released on 10th May 2023 on numerous platforms, including Amazon and Flipkart, and is available in leading book stores across many cities in India.

Mr. Rao’s writing style is often described as evocative, transporting readers to enchanting worlds filled with vibrant landscapes and complex characters. His narratives delve into universal themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, inviting readers to reflect on their own journeys and the profound mysteries of life. His ability to effortlessly shift between different storytelling forms showcases his versatility as a writer and his relentless pursuit of artistic exploration.

His upcoming projects are eagerly anticipated, as his readers eagerly await the next tale he will spin, eager to be transported once more into the depths of his extraordinary imagination.