Anuj Tyagi – How a Chartered Accountant gave up his desk job to become a full-time Content Creator and Fitness Professional

Anuj Tyagi – How a Chartered Accountant gave up his desk job to become a full-time Content Creator and Fitness Professional

September 28, 2021 0 By India Upturn

In this Interview, we will know more about Anuj Tyagi who used to work as a CA but changed his career to become an Influencer.

Ques: What motivated you to switch your career as a Chartered Accountant working in an MNC to a full-Time Fitness Professional and Content Creator?

Well, frankly speaking, I wasn’t aware of the term ‘Content Creator’ until recently when people started addressing me by that name. Fitness was always my passion and I just wanted to give a try to this profession and be a part of it. Content creation came quite late and I only started doing it so that I could reach out to more and more people and share my experiences and my idea of fitness with them.

Switching over from a full-time desk job as a CA to a Fitness Professional was a tough call for me. I had no idea about where to begin. I am a self-motivated, passion driven person and fitness was the only passion I had. Also, I’ve always enjoyed challenges in life and career so I decided to make my move in this direction. I thought that even if I failed to make a career out of this, I would certainly come out more enriched with my experience of life. I’d also like to mention here that my family was extremely supportive and helped me make this decision.

Ques: How did you start your career in Fitness, what was the first step?

I started by completing my education first. I was very clear in my head that if I want to work as a professional in this field, I need to have knowledge and proper education. After a lot of research, I came to know that ACE (American Council on Exercise) provides good education and also certifies fitness professionals. Thus, I decided to pursue my education from ACE. 

Ques: Which Certifications have you completed from ACE?

I have completed a total of 4 certifications – Fitness Nutritionist, Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, Flexibility Training Specialist and Personal Trainer.

Ques: What makes you different from Other Fitness Professionals?

My idea of fitness is what makes me different from others. The Fitness Industry is driven by trends and fads. Once Keto diet was in vogue, everybody started doing KETO without even thinking whether it’s suitable for them or not. Similarly, Intermittent Fasting, Detox Diet, German Volume Workouts, HIITs, you name it and it’s been there on the ‘trend-list’. People like to follow these trends irrespective of their personal goals or lifestyle. My idea of fitness is simple and different from these trends. I believe that just because something is the in-thing at the moment or a friend of yours is doing it, you don’t have to do it too. And it’s possible that your friend might have benefitted from something but it might not be as effective or even harmful for you. I believe that fitness shouldn’t be based on a one-size-fits-all concept. Our body is unique in its own way and it deserves to be treated like that. There is no one perfect diet or workout that will show perfect results for every human being on the planet. And this is where professionals like me help people understand what’s good for them and what’s not.

Ques: Are you a full-time Content Creator now? What are your future goals?

I would say that I am and I’ve been a full time ‘hard worker’. I’ve always believed in hardwork and that is what I try to put in everyday in my work. Today my work involves creating content on YouTube and Instagram, providing online training to clients and managing some other businesses simultaneously. My goal is to work hard everyday in all these domains and make them successful.

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