7 Key Reasons To Why You Should Opt For Rudra Security & Maintenance Services

7 Key Reasons To Why You Should Opt For Rudra Security & Maintenance Services

May 24, 2022 0 By India Upturn

Cybersecurity as well as security guards are no longer considered separate professions. Companies that already have security systems often want to add private security officers to level-up their security.

Over the past few years, the security forces were among the front line workers for ensuring the safety and health of people in our society but on the other hand these guards, these frontline workers didn’t get much credit for risking their valuable lives during entire pandemic. Even now each day brings another news of robbery or theft in the society which arises the need of trained security per sonnels and taking a step forward and to protect the harmony among society; these services are being provided by Rudra Security & Maintenance Services (RSMS) RSMS’ mission is to protect and empower the local community by providing security that deters crime, keeps you safe, and generates jobs and revenue for the local economy.

All the while attempting to provide superior and exceptional manpower as well as security services across the board, ensuring the safety of you and your property. The mission is to provide people, industries, and communities with comprehensive security and manpower solutions. Built on the implication that have a high level of security and safety in your society, which is on the slump.

Top 7 Services That Rudra Security & Maintenance Services (RSMS) Provides:

1.Caretakers (with Baton): Under the watch and ward category, a caretaker is assigned to manage the basic security level for the site, such as ATMs and shops. In addition, it keeps the site’s upkeep.

  1. Armed/unarmed security guard: With sensitive locations such as banks and cash, a guard with arms is deployed. Vans, cash loading services, and remote and isolated areas, to name a few examples. Unarmed security guard; colleges, banks, hospitals, and other institutions can use it.
  2. Technical Security Service: You can install a video surveillance system and sensors on your property. They will operate 24 hours a day, ensuring that your location is always safe.
  3. Interior Design & Decorator / ATM-TIS : With RSMS, set yourself apart from your competitors or simply make a lasting impression in today’s world of high ATM & office interior designs & décors. The outstanding ATM & office interior décor and design services includes -wall decors, accessory designs, products for a well designed ATM or office, to cater to all your creative needs.
  4. Event Management Security Service : Any private party, a wedding or a large scale event with hundreds of people. RSMS security services provide tight security at events through several ways. A security guard ensures that only those with required pass get in and those who don’t are quietly turned away without a scene.
  5. Fire Watch Service : A security service can train their guards in fire watch. This equips their security guards spot hazardous situations that can lead to a fire.
  6. Mobile Patrol Security Service : If you have a large premises, or a multiple location that you want to protect, you can hire a mobile petrol security. GPS Security uses advanced technology that allows the client to conduct real time tracking of the patrol unit. Including these top tier services they also include Housekeeping and Facility Management and Manpower Outsourcing respectively. Housekeeping facility focuses on cleanliness, hygienic and proper housekeeping. RSMS use quality-cleaning materials of reputed companies like Diversey (Taski products), SGH Herbals, Unilever, Mo-Clean etc. These products are delivering 100% results to your satisfaction and maintain the beauty of the office. While on the other hand Manpower Outsourcing deals with providing Cars for office use, Vehicle for Mobile ATM and Vehicles for Logistics purpose along with the trained manpower.

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